May 23, 2023

Digital Rights in 2023 - The Rise of Deepfakes

Digital rights are a combination of human and legal rights allowing one access to carry out various digital activities on the computer and other electronic devices and telecommunication

networks. Digital rights have in many quarters been attributed to freedom of expression and

right to privacy. The dilemma therefore is balancing the two - freedom of expression and the

right to privacy. At what stage does one’s exercise of his/her freedom of expression violate

the right to privacy of another? Furthermore, accessibility to improved technology has resulted in increased participation in online activities, including a raise in deepfakes activities.

@immacuate in this write up explains what deepfakes is, how to ensure the protection of the right to privacy and cybersecurity in the face of the rise in deepfake activities, and the place of internet governance while ensuring freedom of expression.

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