July 3, 2023

Renewable Energy Regulations in Nigeria: Summary and Development

In this article, our Samuel Iwuchukwu delves into the key regulations and initiatives that have shaped the renewable energy landscape in Nigeria. One notable development is the signing of the sixteen (16) Constitution alteration Bills by former President M. Buhari as presented by the 9th National Assembly, including the Fifth Alteration (No. 33) Bill 2022, otherwise known as the ‘Electricity Constitutional Amendment’ which essentially empowers the States to legislate and license electricity operations respectively. Additionally, the article touches on the Rural Electrification Agency's Renewable Energy Micro-Utility (REM) program which aims to accelerate rural electrification through the deployment of off-grid renewable energy solutions.

Nigeria's commitment to renewable energy presents a promising outlook for the sector's growth and sustainability. By staying updated with the evolving regulatory landscape, stakeholders and intending energy sector participants can seize the immense opportunities available in the Nigerian renewable energy market.

To learn more about the renewable energy regulations in Nigeria and the exciting developments taking place, we invite you to read the full article below. Feel free to share your thoughts and insights on the topic.

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